It’s the last week of Ramadan, and it’s not too late to think about how you are supporting Muslim colleagues this year.
Being a host and a guest is an act of bravery Listen now (4 min) | Audio reflections on transformation, risk and hope
On comedy shows, finding friends on Bumble and good books
Grief is an opening to self-reflection.
On FoodShare Toronto, the Tigre King comedy special, and an incredible new book
While I don’t find marriage boring or lacking sentimentality, I’ve spent many an hour thinking about Lori Gottleib’s description that: “Marriage isn't a…
“It is okay to end things. We start pilots and based on their success, we scale up, but you don’t have to scale up. Sometimes the best thing you can do…
When I was seven, I had two best friends in my class. They didn’t know each other before I introduced them, but we quickly became an inseparable group…
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I’m New Here
I’m New Here
Alexander Dirksen
The Fairest Writer
The Fairest Writer
Meredith Talusan ❄️

A Little Bit of Hope